Reflections and New Beginnings

It’s that time again…time to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new. I don’t really do resolutions, but I do like to look at where I’ve been and where I’m going.

2017 was an interesting year. A lot of fabulous highs and some lows. I’ve lost several people who were once very influential in my life and found others who I hope will become very important to me.

Professionally, this has been one of the best years ever. I completed and self-published my first novel. I obtained my level 3 teaching licensure in the spring. Right at the end of the year, I was licensed to teach high school as well. I will be teaching middle and high school New Mexico history beginning in January.

I did walk away from a couple of toxic relationships this year…people I should have separated from much sooner. My first husband passed away in April. He and I had not been close in many years but he was the father of my children and we had been married for close to 20 years. These losses caused me anxiety and depression through a lot of the year. 

This really affected my hiking. I had challenged myself to hike 1000 miles at the start of the year. Instead, I hiked just over 100 miles. I did push myself to go longer distances when I did go…several times I went further than 5 miles. I am going to continue to work toward my hike to the top of Sandia and to get closer to that 1000 mile mark in the coming year.

I did a little travelling this year. The highlight was my trip to New York and Washington D.C. over Thanksgiving. So. Much. Fun! I also went to Taos in the spring and Santa Fe a couple of times. I do plan to travel more in 2018.

Most of all, 2017 was a year of growth and change. I do not feel that I am the same person that I was at the beginning of the year.I am stronger and much more confident.

I am looking forward to continued growth in 2018. I have a new sparkly relationship. My teaching career is heading in a new direction. The second novel and the cookbook are coming together. And I have a mountain to climb! I’m very excited about the new possibilities 😊


So I usually only give resolutions a passing thought. Honestly, the main one I always seem to make is to lose weight but since I never seem to put any effort into that it isn’t going to happen. And I’m not really all that concerned with it anyway.

So this year I am trying goals instead of resolutions. I have 3 main goals for the coming year.

1. Professional goal: I want to finish my level 3 dossier and get my application for the Phd program at NMSU completed. These are just a matter of doing them and I know that my principal is going to be pushing for the first one anyway.

2. Writing goals: I really want to get more disciplined in this. I tend to write when I have nothing better to do. It needs to become more of a real focus for me. I am challenging myself to use this blog daily, if for no other reason than to make myself think writing every day. I have the new novel that I want to get written, even if its only a page or two a day. I also need to think professional publication in support of the application for the phd. I would also like to pull my cookbook idea together. I have the general idea down for it and have been trying lots of recipes, but again it requires a little more effort than I have been giving it.

3. Personal goals: I need to get better organized!!!! I have this started by doing the work in my office, but its not finished. I want to pursue all my hobbies but have no space until I get those rooms finished.

Anyway, there it is. My plan for 2011. And maybe I can lose 30 pounds too. HA!