This has been an interesting last few months. A lot of very positive changes in both my personal life and in my professional life. After several years of recovering and trying to decide which direction I should go, I think I have found the right path 🙂 The biggest change in my life is finding […]

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Despite all those who said I was too much… Too fat Too loud Too verbose Too proud And despite the pain The heartache  Sleepless nights Chairs thrown across the room Belongings destroyed Paralyzing panic attacks Threats Punches Nightmares Fear Fuck it. I’m done. Never again will I make myself small for someone who can’t handle […]

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Missing You

I miss you Holding hands Talking about nothing and everything Knowing that anything said Was just between us Embracing me And whispering that we were okay Everything was going to be okay And it was Smiling eyes Encouraging me to face my fears Challenging me to move beyond What I thought I could be

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Sitting here reminiscing over a plate of chicken fried steak and eggs, I’m amazed at how far I’ve come. Four years ago, I was scared of my own shadow. Afraid of upsetting people and hiding when I could. It’s been a long, sometimes hard journey, but despite the obstacles, I’ve come out stronger and way […]

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Linger a little longer Taste on my tongue Touch on my skin Breath in my lungs Words in my ear Memory in my mind Love in my heart Like the clouds caught atop the mountains Waiting on the sun.

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This Crazy Journey

Recently, I have seen a couple of messages on social media hoping 2017 is better than 2016. While I would hope it is better, 2016 has been pretty good for me. Not in the way people usually measure success… I’m single and broke. But I have learned to work with what I have and how […]

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Faded Blue Jeans

Some days I need a reminder When I try too hard to fit Someone else’s idea Of how my life should be. I start thinking That I need structure And organization And to do what society Considers normal Like a pair of designer pants With tucks and pleats Need to be dry cleaned Kept pressed […]

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Lying in bed trying to nap, I came to a realization today While my brain was spinning webs, a thought lodged itself to stay. We are all searching for that something special, even those who seem to have it all together. A shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold The sharing of joys and […]

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