This has been an interesting last few months. A lot of very positive changes in both my personal life and in my professional life. After several years of recovering and trying to decide which direction I should go, I think I have found the right path 🙂 The biggest change in my life is finding […]

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Look to the east It’s the dawn of a new day All brand new and shiny and full of promise Clouds Reflecting warmth and color Bringing daydreams to life Rays of sunlight Reaching for Earth Christening the morn with hope and happiness For one heart-stopping moment All possibility seems tangible As sunlight dances with clouds […]

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I’ve spent a lot of my life afraid…afraid of everything. Afraid of life. A lot of that life hiding in books and daydreams. And looking for love and acceptance Or maybe looking for me. Somewhere along the way I disappeared I hid my true self and adopted the self others thought were best Pretending to […]

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Following my Dreams 2017

My plans for 2017 are basically to continue the path I started in 2016 Continue to work on my health, losing weight and getting stronger Hiking…I hope to hike the Pino Trail to the top of Sandia and possibly La Luz as well Camping Road trips around New Mexico to see some of what I’ve […]

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Flight The stuff of dreams High above, getting a bird’s eye view Soaring Freedom   Flight Running rather than standing ground Hiding not fighting Self preservation Instead of fear   Flight of fancy Daydreams turning to reality Sparkling and new Starry eyed   Flight So many choices Possibilities Chances Dreams

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  The sky is bleeding, she said. The color draining out of it and pooling on the ground. I just rolled my eyes. Don’t you see the horses running in the clouds? Get your head out of the clouds and focus. Listen, listen, I have a great idea! Not now I’m busy. I don’t have […]

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This Crazy Journey

Recently, I have seen a couple of messages on social media hoping 2017 is better than 2016. While I would hope it is better, 2016 has been pretty good for me. Not in the way people usually measure success… I’m single and broke. But I have learned to work with what I have and how […]

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