Look to the east It’s the dawn of a new day All brand new and shiny and full of promise Clouds Reflecting warmth and color Bringing daydreams to life Rays of sunlight Reaching for Earth Christening the morn with hope and happiness For one heart-stopping moment All possibility seems tangible As sunlight dances with clouds […]

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Dark, cold and unrelenting Fear, curling through the darkness like a fog Panic, bubbling up and boiling over Can’t see, can’t scream, can’t run All the pain that adults can inflict on the young comes back in dreams. Somehow the lock on the box is gone The demons are loose creating havoc On the unsuspecting, […]

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Despite all those who said I was too much… Too fat Too loud Too verbose Too proud And despite the pain The heartache  Sleepless nights Chairs thrown across the room Belongings destroyed Paralyzing panic attacks Threats Punches Nightmares Fear Fuck it. I’m done. Never again will I make myself small for someone who can’t handle […]

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I’ve spent a lot of my life afraid…afraid of everything. Afraid of life. A lot of that life hiding in books and daydreams. And looking for love and acceptance Or maybe looking for me. Somewhere along the way I disappeared I hid my true self and adopted the self others thought were best Pretending to […]

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Linger a little longer Taste on my tongue Touch on my skin Breath in my lungs Words in my ear Memory in my mind Love in my heart Like the clouds caught atop the mountains Waiting on the sun.

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Flight The stuff of dreams High above, getting a bird’s eye view Soaring Freedom   Flight Running rather than standing ground Hiding not fighting Self preservation Instead of fear   Flight of fancy Daydreams turning to reality Sparkling and new Starry eyed   Flight So many choices Possibilities Chances Dreams

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  The sky is bleeding, she said. The color draining out of it and pooling on the ground. I just rolled my eyes. Don’t you see the horses running in the clouds? Get your head out of the clouds and focus. Listen, listen, I have a great idea! Not now I’m busy. I don’t have […]

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Rounding the path Seeking for that elusive something Always hiding around the next bend Scrambling over rocks Skipping over streams Hoping Wishing Longing for a hint of freedom Carried in the breeze A feeling of accomplishment As the trail becomes easier Less scary Determination fueling need The need to do more, be more To prove […]

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Lost in plain sight People stroll by Unaware That I am even in the room Alone Wrapping my solitude Round me like a cloak Warm and comfortable A refuge From the cacophony The hustle and bustle Noise While in the dark recesses Of my mind Sunlit patterns beneath trees Crackling needles underfoot Sharp cool mountain […]

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