I’ve spent a lot of my life afraid…afraid of everything. Afraid of life. A lot of that life hiding in books and daydreams. And looking for love and acceptance Or maybe looking for me. Somewhere along the way I disappeared I hid my true self and adopted the self others thought were best Pretending to […]

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Chasing Taillights

Down the highway Through the canyons Where spirits soar In the gusting winds Swirling their way Through my mind Through the trees Through the passing cars As I try to find my way Back to the memories Back to the imagination Back to where I belong Home

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Train Travelin’

Very few things capture the imagination like trains. How many of us have dreamed of hopping a train to points unknown. Woody Guthrie and Merle Haggard rode the rails. Songs like “City of New Orleans”, “Orange Blossom Special” and “Rock Island Line” and many many others perpetuate the dream. Paul Theroux wrote of his adventures […]

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On the Wings of an Eagle

On the Wings of an Eagle   Catching a hold of a bit of wild The wing of an eagle Who carries me, unbidden Farther than I have ever been Circling over majestic mountaintops Higher and higher Into azure so sharp, tears spring to my eyes Spiraling, passion swirling Soaring on the currents His strength […]

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Nightfall Lights dim The first glimmer of the eventide begins Softly slowly the blue fades Easy now Slipping sliding down Colors changing behind closed lids Golds to oranges to reds White-hot heat seeking out clouds to inflame Colors burning into one another In a ferocious race to outdo each other Passionate streaks across the deepening […]

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Dawn to Dusk

    Angel Ascending   Quietly she slips into view Over the hump of her sister’s hips at rest Initially just her aura Lighting the sky in hues of gold   Jubilantly peeking her goldilocks Out of cover of the night Infusing all with a sense of wonder Gilding the clouds With a Midas-like sheen […]

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  Sunbeam   Coming out of the gray Of day-to-day reality Basking in the warmth Of your sunbeam That bright happy spot Where everything is safe Time stands still   Diamond dust motes Glittering in the air Before my closed eyes Dreamily drifting Into a comfortable cozy Where everything is safe Time stands still   […]

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