North from the I-40 Bridge




North from the I-40 Bridge


Looking north

Feeling the air against my face

Wintry whispers wishing for snow

Which we won’t see…

Just smell it in the wind.


Cottonwoods, reaching their bare arms into the sky

Dark against the sharp blue

Here and there

The signs of the big bosque fire from a few summers ago

Darkened trees, never to grow again

Stand sentinel in eerie reminder.


Looking further

To the mountains

Dark blue standing in sharp profile to the clear azure sky.

Brightly colored balloons fill the sky

Declaring their freedom from earthly bounds

With a rush of burners.


With a sigh

I return to my car

To civilization.

Dawn to Dusk




Angel Ascending


Quietly she slips into view

Over the hump of her sister’s hips at rest

Initially just her aura

Lighting the sky in hues of gold


Jubilantly peeking her goldilocks

Out of cover of the night

Infusing all with a sense of wonder

Gilding the clouds

With a Midas-like sheen


Her cheerful face

Brightens the night to full-fledged day

In just a moment

The gold hues easing into bright blue



Daylight Fades



Blue tinged with golds and orange.

Blood red.

Purples easing to blues fading into black.



The stars twinkling in the deepening heavens

Lady Moon, white-faced and open,

Shining brightly o’er the darkened scape.



Nocturne creatures appear to feed, to commune.

Freedom of movement hidden within shadows.

Daylight fades, opening the world to night.







Coming out of the gray

Of day-to-day reality

Basking in the warmth

Of your sunbeam

That bright happy spot

Where everything is safe

Time stands still


Diamond dust motes

Glittering in the air

Before my closed eyes

Dreamily drifting

Into a comfortable cozy

Where everything is safe

Time stands still


Sunshine and shadows

Exposure of hidden fears and worries

Falling tears

Clouding my vision

Longingly wishing for the sunbeam

The hopes and dreams

Where everything is safe

Time stands still

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument



Kasha-Katuwe means “white cliffs” in the Keresan language which is the traditional language of Cochiti Pueblo. This park which is operated by the BLM as a national park is beautiful in a stark surreal way.  The cone shaped formations are volcanic hoodoos. They were formed by volcanic eruptions from the Jemez volcanic complex  6-7 million years ago.



Many of the “tents” are topped by boulder caps which protect the softer pumice below.  The ones which have lost their boulder caps are rapidly disintegrating.









There are several trails around the park, ranging from very easy and wheelchair accessible to moderate with a 621 foot climb in elevation. We went around the Cave Trail which was a fairly easy 1.2 mile hike.

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks is an easy drive from Albuquerque or Santa Fe. It is well worth the trip!

Sunrise Sunset

I love sunrises and sunsets. It never fails to amaze me when God chooses to bless us with beautiful colors.

I started taking sunrise/sunset pictures in October. The following pictures are the first ones I took on my way to and from work. I have almost been late to work more than once becauseI was looking for an unobstructed view and a place to stop the car to shoot the picture!

We had a couple of snowstorms in December. I took the following pictures in Rio Rancho on Dec. 9.

I came out of the house to see the moon peeking over my neighbors house on Jan 9.

This picture was taken on Rio Grande Blvd. in Albuquerque this morning.