North from the I-40 Bridge

    North from the I-40 Bridge   Looking north Feeling the air against my face Wintry whispers wishing for snow Which we won’t see… Just smell it in the wind.   Cottonwoods, reaching their bare arms into the sky Dark against the sharp blue Here and there The signs of the big bosque fire […]

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Dawn to Dusk

    Angel Ascending   Quietly she slips into view Over the hump of her sister’s hips at rest Initially just her aura Lighting the sky in hues of gold   Jubilantly peeking her goldilocks Out of cover of the night Infusing all with a sense of wonder Gilding the clouds With a Midas-like sheen […]

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  Sunbeam   Coming out of the gray Of day-to-day reality Basking in the warmth Of your sunbeam That bright happy spot Where everything is safe Time stands still   Diamond dust motes Glittering in the air Before my closed eyes Dreamily drifting Into a comfortable cozy Where everything is safe Time stands still   […]

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Sunrise Sunset

I love sunrises and sunsets. It never fails to amaze me when God chooses to bless us with beautiful colors. I started taking sunrise/sunset pictures in October. The following pictures are the first ones I took on my way to and from work. I have almost been late to work more than once becauseI was […]

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