Rounding the path
Seeking for that elusive something
Always hiding around the next bend
Scrambling over rocks
Skipping over streams
Longing for a hint of freedom
Carried in the breeze
A feeling of accomplishment
As the trail becomes easier
Less scary
Determination fueling need
The need to do more, be more
To prove something to yourself

Getting Started…Again :)

Here we go…
I have been heavy for a long time. Not in my childhood, but since getting married the first time and having children. I weighed 160 when I got married, 200 after my first daughter, 220 after the second, and 250 after my son. In the last 20 years, I’ve been divorced, married and divorced again. And put on another 60 pounds. I’ve dieted kind of haphazardly over the years.

After my second divorce, I sat down and thought seriously about what I was doing. I knew I couldn’t keep doing thing the way I had been but I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I love the outdoors and taking pictures of landscapes I see. So I decided I wanted to hike in order to get better pictures. Somewhere along the way, I decided I wanted to challenge myself to hike the Pino Trail to the top of Sandia in Albuquerque. This is a 9 mile hike up and back…up the side of a mountain. Seriously need to get into better shape to make this happen.

Recently, I have found my motivation. I am seeing a wellness coach and have hiked in the foothills or walked in my neighborhood every day but one since the start of July. I have lost 7 pounds and am working to change my eating habits. I’m feeling good and have good friends who have been encouraging me and hiking with me. The last week or so I am waking up thinking about the walk 🙂 Just need to keep the focus and get some of these habits ingrained before school starts up in a few weeks!

Hiking the Albuquerque Volcanoes in the Snow


On the west side of Albuquerque there are the remains of five cinder cones. The Albuquerque Volcanoes, or Three Sisters as they are also known, formed as fissure eruptions in the middle of the Rio Grande Rift over 100,000 years ago. 



The area around the volcanoes is crisscrossed with hiking trails. I have been thinking and planning to hike there for a while. Rattlesnakes and unshaded heat kept me away over the summer. So, Sunday morning I decided to check them out. I initially planned to drive out and take pictures and did not prepare for hiking.


But that trail was just irresistable!


So I decided to hike. I did have gloves, but was wearing tennis shoes and a jean jacket and NO hat. That kept the hike fairly short…frozen ears are no fun. I hiked to the scenic overlook and back which is one mile round trip. Not bad for the first hike in a long time.



The view of Albuquerque from the overlook was pretty amazing!



I will go back soon with better gear for hiking. It was a really fun way to start a morning!