Getting Started…Again :)

Here we go…
I have been heavy for a long time. Not in my childhood, but since getting married the first time and having children. I weighed 160 when I got married, 200 after my first daughter, 220 after the second, and 250 after my son. In the last 20 years, I’ve been divorced, married and divorced again. And put on another 60 pounds. I’ve dieted kind of haphazardly over the years.

After my second divorce, I sat down and thought seriously about what I was doing. I knew I couldn’t keep doing thing the way I had been but I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I love the outdoors and taking pictures of landscapes I see. So I decided I wanted to hike in order to get better pictures. Somewhere along the way, I decided I wanted to challenge myself to hike the Pino Trail to the top of Sandia in Albuquerque. This is a 9 mile hike up and back…up the side of a mountain. Seriously need to get into better shape to make this happen.

Recently, I have found my motivation. I am seeing a wellness coach and have hiked in the foothills or walked in my neighborhood every day but one since the start of July. I have lost 7 pounds and am working to change my eating habits. I’m feeling good and have good friends who have been encouraging me and hiking with me. The last week or so I am waking up thinking about the walk 🙂 Just need to keep the focus and get some of these habits ingrained before school starts up in a few weeks!

Musing on the past year…and on my plans for the future.

So here we are, last week of 2011. When I think of the things I planned for this past year, I realize that my life has taken a couple unexpected turns.

I looked at the goals I wrote here at the end of last year and haven’t accomplished any of them. HA! Not really surprised but I have accomplished so much more than I ever expected.

The Phd plans have been put on hold by my other plans which I will go into in a few. the level three isn’t done but it will be soon.

Writing… I miss writing. Need to get back to that sometime soon. This blog was supposed to be writing and recipes but has become mainly recipes.

No, I haven’t gotten organized, although the room I mentioned last year may actually get cleaned out this week.

I didn’t lose weight, although I did join a gym the beginning of December. I have been working out 3-4 times a week, so hopefully that will happen.

So what did I do?????

I worked with my good friend Margaret Woods to write a charter school application. it didn’t pass but it will this year. We are starting to work on it again so we can resubmit it this summer.

I have nearly finished my administrator’s license so that when the school gets approved I will be ready to be the principal.

I have developed several recipes and improved my cooking ability and will soon be ready to put my cookbook together:)

This has been a great year! I have taken a path I didn’t expect and in return found some measure of confidence. Love my life and looking forward to the journey!