Baking and Jam Making

Baking and Jam Making This week, one of the local markets had cherries for a decent price. I got cherry preserves in my mind. I rolled the idea around in my head for several days because I knew I didn’t have time to do anything with them. Meanwhile, my mother-in-law brought a small box of […]

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Grandma’s Potato Biscuits

I have been looking for the perfect biscuit recipe for a while. These are really good…very light and fluffy! Grandma’s Potato Biscuits 4-4 1/2 cuos flour 1 tbs yeast 1 tbs sugar 1 1/2 tsp salt 1 cup milk 4 tbs butter 1 cup mashed potatoes (instant will work) 2 eggs 1. In a mixing […]

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