Pandora’s Box

Near Cuba


You say it’s freedom, letting your mind soar

All I feel is fear and panic oozing

Like lava boiling up inside

Threatening to engulf me

Burning me alive

Holding me captive.


Just relax, it will be fun

But fun isn’t releasing the spiders

In my head

The ones who control the Pandora’s Box

That I learned long ago to keep closed

Keep it buried

Behind all the song lyrics and random thoughts.


Oh c’mon, you will learn to enjoy it

Why should I have to learn enjoyment?

I enjoy many things

I don’t want to learn to enjoy

Fear and intimidation

Pain and panic induced nightmares.


What I want is the box that contains

All these scary sickening memories

To be locked back up

The key thrown away

What I want is the negativity

To go away.



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