Emmaline’s Opal

A darkness moved across the sun. Emmaline looked up and then rushed under cover of the bushes. The sunlight shimmered off the dragon’s creamy iridescent scales. Once it flew over, she ran as quickly as she could down the path to her secret castle entrance. She ran into the throne room, her father, brothers and […]

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Winds Biting, snapping, painful Cold A few icy flakes Frozen pellets blowing in the gale Multiplying now A whirlwind of snowy bullets That melt upon hitting the ground Until darkness cools the ground And all the liquid deviltry Refreezes Into slick, dangerous glass on roads and sidewalks Covered by the continuing snow.

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What to Do? What to Do?

  Silly question really because the plans I am worrying over are all long range plans; nothing as easy as should I have chicken for dinner or go for a drive on the weekend. My dilemma is do I pursue my charter school idea or do I continue the path I am on now and […]

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Complications You were the complication I didn’t need. With your smiling eyes Treated me like a queen Left me reeling Lying there Bones turned to gelatin Brains to mush Stretching languidly Smiling Like a cat heading to prowl We fit together so perfectly Two, interconnected Electric impulses Following your magic hands Nerve-endings on alert Feeling […]

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Contracting a New Life

Sitting here, staring down at the yawning abyss before me, I realize that I have to make a decision and I have to make it now. Do I plunge into the gaping hole, into the unknown? Or do I retreat back to the comfort of my middle-class suburban life? Will I be able to live […]

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  Insomniac Sitting alone Dregs in the bottom of a coffee cup Dreaming of a different life Unable to sleep For fear of the dreams Or the lack there of Vision blurry Hoping to string a few Coherent thoughts together Questioning Should I go to bed? Will I toss all night? Knowing that this This […]

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Ode to an Angel

I wrote this 10 years ago… the story itself is 20 years old… March 26, 1996. Still remember it as if it were yesterday. Still miss you Johnny. Ode to an Angel   I knew he was gone when the phone rang. It was a girl I worked with, calling to tell me that John had […]

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