On Being Grandma :)

Gma Vinny and Eli

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things was going to see Grandma. Actually both of my Grandma’s houses were wonderful places to be. They were both phenomenal cooks, had fun houses to play at, and always made us feel loved and welcomed. One of the things that I thought as I became Grandma was that I wanted to be THAT Grandma to my lil munchkins! ronie and Lina I have five grandchildren with the sixth on his way in May: five little boys and my sweet lil Lina. They bring me so much joy. Vinny and Tyrone are getting old enough to have real conversations. Vinny and I have baked together…he is a great kitchen helper. Tyrone has this biggest imagination and LOVES to share it with everyone who will listen. Avery loves numbers and letters. He climbs up into my lap to look at the computer. Alina is my little love. She loves to be cuddled and held. It’s been so much fun to watch them all grow into little individuals! Avery When Vinny comes running around the house calling my name… when Tyrone gets excited that he is coming home with Grandma after school… when Avery sneaks into my chair and gives me that sweet smile when I see him there… when Lina comes up to get her snuggles and kisses… when lil Eli sleeps snuggled up next to me I feel so very privileged to be a part of their lives and I know they love being with me as well. We are building memories that will stay with them forever:)