North from the I-40 Bridge

    North from the I-40 Bridge   Looking north Feeling the air against my face Wintry whispers wishing for snow Which we won’t see… Just smell it in the wind.   Cottonwoods, reaching their bare arms into the sky Dark against the sharp blue Here and there The signs of the big bosque fire […]

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Drive In the car Hit the road Music loud Windows down   Can I go Far or fast enough To blow away The memories Of what we were Or what we could have been?   Can I go Far or fast enough For the miles, the movement The music To blow away The storm I […]

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Fancy Dancers

Fancy Dancers Colored feathers Bells on their ankles Drum beats throbbing Louder and faster As the men Begin the dance Swirling and whirling Faster to the beat Of the drums Undulating singing Like a heartbeat Colors spinning Seemingly out of control Yet fully contained Beautiful spiraling As the drumbeats quicken Powerful steps Graceful moves Fully […]

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Troubadour As the music plays, he commands the floor Quietly and confidently playing his guitar In the spotlight alone, stands the troubadour   Crowds around him from near and far Poignantly beautiful, his lone voice soars Quietly and confidently playing his guitar   Like angels in heaven and up to the stars Telling his story, […]

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Suddenly You were there In that spot I had Always imagined you would be Suddenly I felt complete In that way I had Longed for and dreamed about Suddenly We were one In that closeness I had Held special in my heart Suddenly You were gone In a heartbeat I had Forgotten how to breath […]

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Sunshine and Shadows

Sunshine and Shadows   Sunshine and shadows Blue jeans and old guitars Following the road wherever  it goes Sleeping ‘neath the stars Warding off fear and loneliness With loud music and fun Sometimes life can be such a mess But keep following the sun Losing myself on the path I tread Dancing to an invisible […]

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Nightfall Lights dim The first glimmer of the eventide begins Softly slowly the blue fades Easy now Slipping sliding down Colors changing behind closed lids Golds to oranges to reds White-hot heat seeking out clouds to inflame Colors burning into one another In a ferocious race to outdo each other Passionate streaks across the deepening […]

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