The heat shimmered off the highway creating a haze which muted the stark landscape. A hawk circled in the cloudless sky. The throbbing of the motorcycle beneath her increased the surreal nature of the scenery. She sped up and leaned into the curve.


“Where is he?” she thought as she scanned the road ahead of her. There was no sign of anyone anywhere out here. It just didn’t seem possible that he was so far ahead, always out of reach.


She rounded a bend in the road. The scenery was breathtaking. The sun was setting coloring the sandstone cliffs in a dizzying array of reds and oranges. The shadows were just deepening to purples. A herd of wild horses turned their heads towards her and then ran. The hawk, still circling, let out a shrill cry.


Suddenly her head hit the table. She grumbled and sat up and realized she was still sitting at her desk. Looking over at the alarm clock, she groaned. It was 3 a.m. That made four nights in a row.   She took her coffee cup into the kitchen to reheat. As she put her it into the microwave, she wondered if she would ever find her nameless, faceless mystery man — the man who rocked her not so gently to sleep every night.

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