I had to share this for all my Looosiana relatives!

Texana's Kitchen

Anybody that has read my work for a minute knows who my biggest influence was in the kitchen.  Her repertoire wasn’t huge, but Granny taught me the basics.  As a child, I learned through her to cook with my senses—taste, smell, touch and sight—rather than by following a recipe as if it were a volatile science experiment.

Did you k now that if you put almond extract instead of vanilla extract in your cookie dough, you WILL NOT blow up the house?  Yep, it’s true.  And if you put coffee instead of milk in your cake batter, you will not poison your dinner guests?  Yep…..Hard to believe isn’t it?

As I got into high school, after learning the passion and the basic skills from Granny, I began to expand my repertoire, and discover methods and styles of cooking that she had never dreamed of.  The early days of cooking shows brought…

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