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Marie Antoinette was the very young (14 years old), Austrian born bride toFrance’ King Louis XVI during the French Revolution.  She is most remembered for the infamous (and likely non-factual) comment “let them eat cake!” in reference to a mostly starving population of French peasants.  Had she lost her mind? 

If you are the Queen, and your subjects and their children are starving of basic nutrition, you should not make light of their plight by suggesting that they should just eat cake.  This would tend to make your subjects become disillusioned with their current monarchy. 

Whether or not Marie had lost her mind was of no consequence, as she eventually lost her head.  Ironically, the phrase she uttered, qu’ils mangent de la brioche, actually means let them eat brioche, and was most likely intended to show sympathy for the people, not disdain.

Nonetheless, in order to understand why one remark…

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