Soap Making

So I have decided that I would like to try to make homemade soaps and lotions. i have tried a couple of simple recipes. Today I am trying my first batch of soap using the crockpot hot process method. I have read several books and online tutorials and have all my ingredients. If it turns out I’ll share the process and pics!

This did not make up quite the way I expected. I had to do some emergency substitutions because I did not ensure I had all the ingredients before i started. So I did the substitutions and recalculated the amount of lye and water needed. Anyway, it didn’t cook up as quickly as it should have but it was a huge batch. Anyway, I have it in molds but will need to let it cure a little longer that usual hot-process soaps because I could still feel the lye in it when I molded them. Thats okay though. They sure are pretty and my kitchen smells like lavender and rosemary!

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