Modern Day Drifter

Modern Day Drifter

Dancing on the precipice at the edge of the world
Looking out over the beauty
The abyss is a wondrous place
Full of darkness and mystery, yet glorious in its anonymity

After debating the wisdom of jumping off the edge
I tiptoe along the cliff
Hoping not to fall but knowing that if I do
The decision will finally be made

I took a drive today to clear my head
But ended up even more confused and conflicted
I know where I want to be yet…
The choice will impact far more than myself

I want to be a modern day drifter
Moving from place to place, never growing roots
Seeing life firsthand
Instead of daydreaming my days away

I want to go as far as my gas tank will take me
Stopping only to fuel up
Running away from the stress of being me
Running away from life as I know it

Living life on my terms
Instead of allowing others to dictate life to me
Jumping a train bound for somewhere
Anywhere but here

So as I look over the edge
I ponder the leap into the unknown
Paralyzed by fear and indecision
And dream of freedom.

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