Sometimes Life Gets in the Way…

I started this year with good intentions. But here we are not even two weeks in and I am already not keeping up with my plans. ARGH!

I am slowly starting to work on the backlog of grading I already have and this post is evidence that i haven’t forgotten the blog. I do still plan to try and post daily. It will probably mostly be recipes, but it seems that the recipes are the more popular part of the blog anyway. LOL!
I have tried several of the newer ones. The Pork Fajitas were really wonderful:) I really want to try the pecan pie muffins. I will probably do them over the weekend, but since no one here really eats the sweet stuff my coworkers will have to suffer being guinea pigs!

Things are getting better. All the personal stuff that has had my head spinning for the last week is resolving. Not all in the way I want but as well as can be expected I suppose. I really need to thank all of you who have had my family in my prayers. And… fortunately, the weather seems to be warming up…

And now to enjoy my fireplace and Star Wars…HA!

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