So I usually only give resolutions a passing thought. Honestly, the main one I always seem to make is to lose weight but since I never seem to put any effort into that it isn’t going to happen. And I’m not really all that concerned with it anyway.

So this year I am trying goals instead of resolutions. I have 3 main goals for the coming year.

1. Professional goal: I want to finish my level 3 dossier and get my application for the Phd program at NMSU completed. These are just a matter of doing them and I know that my principal is going to be pushing for the first one anyway.

2. Writing goals: I really want to get more disciplined in this. I tend to write when I have nothing better to do. It needs to become more of a real focus for me. I am challenging myself to use this blog daily, if for no other reason than to make myself think writing every day. I have the new novel that I want to get written, even if its only a page or two a day. I also need to think professional publication in support of the application for the phd. I would also like to pull my cookbook idea together. I have the general idea down for it and have been trying lots of recipes, but again it requires a little more effort than I have been giving it.

3. Personal goals: I need to get better organized!!!! I have this started by doing the work in my office, but its not finished. I want to pursue all my hobbies but have no space until I get those rooms finished.

Anyway, there it is. My plan for 2011. And maybe I can lose 30 pounds too. HA!

One thought on “Resolutions

  1. I believe you can do it all-one step at a time! That is my goal this year- to be present in each moment and to achieve each goal one step at a time… i am right there with you-perhaps we can prop each other up! looking forward to a great new year!
    Hugs- Andrea

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