Crazy Life

You know, life is interesting. I had a ton of plans for the summer and I have gotten to some of them but new ideas pop up and take hold and before you know it your headed in a completely different direction.

My primary goal for this summer was to work on the novel and on lesson planning for school. I have done neither. Instead I have pursued more physical pursuits. I have managed to get a lot of trash removed from my home and gotten the rooms ready to redecorate. THAT was not even on the radar when I started the summer. I am now knee-deep in painting and will be for a while.

But I am really enjoying this. I am almost 45 and have never decorated a house from the walls out before. I love color and playing with different combinations. It’s why I enjoy quilting too. I am decorating with MY style. Dave tried to lock down exactly what style I was doing the house in the other night. Its sort of southwestern, but not really with a little country and an oriental rug. LOL! Its Shawn style. Thats what I finally told him. I know what I like and he seems to like what I have done in the past.

Hopefully, I can keep moving on this and then by fall I will have a working office and sewing room in my house. By the holidays, it will all be a beautiful reflection of my personality… or something palatable at least!