Today is the First Day of the Rest of my Life

So last night, we spent some time talking about health. I was feeling rather fortunate because the others I was talking to have serious health issues. So far, outside of obesity, I am relatively healthy. However, I have some genetic health problems that loom over me and being overweight will make it more likely that I will have trouble as I grow older.

Soooo….I need to lose weight. I need to make this happen because for now its just sitting mostly still. The occasional stroll around the block and nightly ice cream is not the way to do it…LOL!

I have a couple of close friends who are planning to have lap band surgery. This will allow them to lose weight fairly quickly. However, I am concerned about the lack of food you are able to eat after the surgery. I am considering it, mainly because up to now I have not been strong on willpower. Candy bars seem to call my name on a regular basis.

What I would really like to do is figure out how to do this without surgery. From what I understand, with the surgery I would lose 100 pounds in roughly a year. That is possible with a diet and exercise  as well. I lost 50 pounds after I left my ex by walking every day and cutting back on the food.

My goal for the moment is 10% of my body weight. Everything I have read says that just 10% will greatly improve my chances of not getting diabetes and some of the other obesity related illnesses. So… and I am laying it on the line here, I am starting this journey at 290 lbs. My goal is 29 lbs and I would really like to lose that before I go back to work the beginning of August. If I can meet that goal then I will continue to do this on my own. If I can’t, well then I will start to look into the surgical options.

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