Father’s Day

Father’s Day is an interesting little holiday.

On the one hand, I have my father. He and I are good for 15 minutes or so of conversation at any given time and that holds us for 6 months or so. Its not that I don’t love my dad. I do. But we really honestly have nothing to say to one another. He is a very quiet, fairly anti-social man. And I can be loud and don’t sit still any better than the kids I teach. Anyway, it makes for a relatively awkward relationship.

Then there is my children’s dad. We aren’t married any longer and I suppose I still hold some resentment for the angst-ridden relationship both I and my children have with him. I wish him well and I am happy that my kids all made it by to see him today. It made him happy. But he isn’t part of my family any longer so Father’s Day doesn’t really count.

Then there is my current husband. He has no children of my own. He would love to be Dad to my kids but they already have someone in that position. We have talked about adopting, in fact, we talked about it again last night. I think he could be a wonderful dad. I know he has been great for Anthony. They get along very well most of the time. I would love to give him the opportunity to see what being a father is really like.

So… for me, Father’s Day has become kind of abstract. Its really very strange.

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