Its amazing how wonderful it is to have a close family. I feel extremely blessed in that regard lately. My husband’s family are all close and we get together at least once a week. My children are near enough that I see them quite often as well. And I have started to rebuild the ties with my own family.

Dave’s family is wonderful. His mom and I have so much in common; its like having a sister or best friend. This morning she called me because she had gone to a yard sale that had tons and tons of craft stuff, mostly yarn. We went back to the yard sale and I bought some stuff (Robin, if you are reading this…Happy Late Birthday!) and then came back here and discussed recipes. We are looking into making cheese so we have both been researching and share our ideas. We spent some time looking at the room that is going to become my sewing room and discussing where things should go. She has also been helping me develop plans for remodeling my kitchen into a canner’s dream:) His brother and sister are closer to my children’s age than to mine or his. It makes family gatherings nice because between them and my girls and their husbands, we have a group of twenty somethings around. Their kids are close in age too. Between the four of them we will have four little boys under the age of five. I love having the family close for both the companionship and the safety net.

My girls are both relatively close. Relatively as in within a days drive. They both lived on the East Coast for while. Heather is in town, so I see here fairly often. I can’t wait until the new little one gets here:) Robin and her family are in Denver and they come down every couple of months. They will be here this coming weekend so I can snuggle my grandson…  Anthony is with me every other week. I wish he were here more often, although I would never have my husband to myself if he were. Dave turns into a thirteen year old boy whenever Ant is around!

My sisters and I have stayed in touch through email and phone calls over the years. Plus, we have made trips to visit fairly often over the last few years. I wish we lived closer but we have managed to maintain a close relationship despite the distance. Facebook has helped that in a way, it has also brought me back into contact with my cousins. When we were kids, we would run around together at Grandma’s. As we have reconnected, we have shared a lot of memories. All of the shared nostalgia has made reconnecting much easier.

I can’t imagine what life would be like without family. Thinking of the past where many people would leave home and never see their family again is frightening. To be without close ties and without that safety net would be horribly depressing. It makes me happy to be in this time with the phones and computers to use to keep those ties strong.

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