Home is an interesting idea. I tried to define home to myself several years back. Its such an appealling word with warmth and friendship, family. Its interesting because many people on intitial reation thinl of a house as home, but as they examine it further it becomes more about family and feeling.

I’m not sure I ever had a physical home growing up. We moved so often that the houses had a temporary feeling to them. The cities and schools were transitory places. I can remember feeling like I was “home” in two places as a kid. We lived in College Station for three years and the neighborhood was filled with children. We played outside all day and ran everywhere as part of a pack. The second was Prattville. I’m not sure why I identify it as home…we were only there for eleven months. But I truly felt part of something there.

The places that were home for me as a kid were my grandparents’ homes. We would go to Nucla and be with family. Lots of cousins close to my age and lots of space to run. Grandma baked bread and cooked meals. The family would gather around the table to talk and play cards. Other times, Grandma would sit and play solitaire or crochet and listen to the soaps. Her kitchen was as close to home as it gets. The smell of cut grass or cows can take me home. My other grandparents in Louisiana had the other home. Grandaddy and Grandma Juanita took care of us for a couple of weeks every summer.  They had this great backyard. When I was little there was a treehouse out there and swings. Later Grandma had her garden in most of the yard. We could get figs or pears from the trees. Pecans grew out there too. There were squirrels that lived in the trees and the noise of cicada filled the air. Inside, there was always something wonderful cooking in the kitchen.

I’ve spent years thinking about home and wondering how to reproduce that warm cozy feeling. Its taken until just recently. My kitchen is often filled with cooking and laughter. We have family here often and have created a haven. I believe after all this time I have finally come home.

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