Its interesting how time moves. I waited and waited for summer vacation and now that its here I still don’t seem to have time to do the things I want to do. I have serious plans for my break and have not touched any of the more important things.

Now, that said…I did get the blog up and running and got it attached to Facebook.

My projects for the summer.
1. I want to calendarize the 4th grade curriculum for next year. Being that I am the only one returning from last year, I thought that it would be good to have it set up so we can be on the same page as we are teaching this coming year. I have gotten all the books in one place and I do have copies of the standards and other infor I need… Just need to get started!

2. Edit my novel. I have the story down but I need to add about 50,000 words. HAHAHA! Anyway, I have started revising and am about half way through the original Chapter 1. This one is going to be hard to do when Ant is home.

3. Organize the office in the house. This one is actually on hold til Heather moves her things to her home. I am going to set up her room into an arts/sewing room. That will eliminate the clutter in the office. Then I can file everything and have that room better organized.

Anyway, thats the plan and hopefully I can stick with it.

Now for this afternoon…canning jelly and baking bread:)

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