magic moon

Deep in the magical mystical

Hidden in the fog

Dreams return and swirl

Just beyond eyesight


Streaming down my cheeks

As I remember


All that I wish I had held close

Instead of thrown away

Moving through the mist

Reaching for those lost dreams

However, I realize that the time has passed

Turning I see

A light flickering in the darkness

Calling me forward

Down a new path

Toward new dreams

Magical feelings





Lying in bed trying to nap, I came to a realization today

While my brain was spinning webs, a thought lodged itself to stay.

We are all searching for that something special, even those who seem to have it all together.

A shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold

The sharing of joys and sorrows and stories told.

We are all searching for someone who needs us, even as we strive for our own independence.

Despite outward appearances, men are not immune

They feel the struggle as keenly as women do.

We are all searching for joy and happiness, in spite of the dictates society gives us.

In getting to know one another, patience and tolerance are needed

As we never know the struggles and strife our companion may have seen.

We are all searching for understanding, as that is what we all desire.

To the Moon and Back

I opened my hands to see the little firefly
Only for a moment
Before the flickering light left my fingers
And headed toward the skies

I look to the heavens at twilight
For that first twinkling
Like the twinkle in your eyes
Knowing you will watch from above

I listen for the whispers in the dark
Quiet conversations long after bedtime
Hoping to hear your voice in my ear
Validation and sweet nothings

I think of the past, wishing we had known
What the future would hold
But had we, we wouldn’t be here and now
Sharing memories and dreams

I wish for you all the best of everything
Despite the troubles, the pain
And please know, that beyond and above all else
I love you to the moon and back



Would that I could be a beacon in the dark

A flicker of light in the rain

Glimmers of hope

Our roads may never meet again

Paths diverged long ago

But you will be missed when you go

And please know

I will carry a lamp to light your way.

The Path


We’re all just trying to live our lives, the best we can.

Some paths are harder some darker some nigh impossible.

All we can do is to try and lighten another’s load if we can

and to stay the course.

Because no matter the direction

we all end up in the same place in the end.





Somehow, Some day, Some way

let go and breathe

release the world and all it’s cares

free yourself and breathe

all the stress and burden

will work itself out

no matter the actions and reactions

slow inhale

so instead of tension, relax



Just Breathe

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